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School Participation

Art, literature, poetry, music, film and theater have all been utilized to represent conflict or respond to conflict, often with the educational objective to prevent further violence. We intend to organise a day of events which propose the question ‘how to teach history after identity-based conflict’ to sixth-form students’ researchers and academics. Using the example the Srebrenica genocide in partnership with the NGO Remembering Srebrenica, we hope to examine the role of history education in preventing conflict and building social cohesion after conflict. School students will have the opportunity to hear the witness testimony of a genocide survivor, meet researchers and academics working across the world in peace and conflict education, consider the role of art in peace and reconciliation and present their ideas about where they see conflict in society and how it can be addressed in the history curriculum.

If you are a state school based in Oxfordshire, and are interested in participating in this conference with five of your sixth-form history students, then please email Dr. Jason Todd at