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Conference Presentations

Holocaust Memory and Education for the 21st Century

Karen Frostig

Reliving the past, re-writing History: Narratives of Young Dalit teachers in Delhi government schools

Anurag Shukla & Kumari Ritu

Exploring the Effects of the Communist Past in Current Teaching Practices in Albania

Eriada Cela

Encountering colonial violence where it happened: History field trips and emotional regimes of empathy in a settler society

Michael Harcourt

From silence to shock: Students' reactions to the images used in Italian history textbooks breaking down intergenerational silence about Italian colonial crimes

Giovanna Leone

Why do history textbook revisions fail? Securitising history education in Cyprus and Lebanon

Eleni Christodoulou & Giuditta Fontana

"Beyond the Land?" - Auslandshachsharah, the chosen children and agricultural training as a response to the Jewish refugee crisis in Britain during the Second World War

Emily Smith

The Status of Rwandan Historical Education

Kate Weiner

Unsettling Narratives: Indigenous Genocide and the Formal Curriculum in Manitoba and Minnesota

George Dalbo

"Mommy, wouldn't I have been a slave back then?": Reconsidering history education in post-conflict societies

Beth Rubin

The visual collective memory of the Finnish Civil War: the evolution of visual narrative in the illustrations of Finnish history textbooks from 1920s to 2010s

Hakokongas Eemeli, Kleemola Olli, Sakki Inari & Kivioja Virpi

The Ongoing War on Terror in US Classrooms: Teaching about (and Avoiding) Conflict in Partisan Times

Jeremy Stoddard, Diana Hess & Paul Fitchett

Imperial Patriotism in Peace and War: Empire and Elementary School Curricula, 1909-1918

Jody Crutchley

Between resistance and oppression.

The struggles of teaching under the influence of autocratic regimes: A qualitative study in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Annika Weigele

Creating cross-cultural discourses: Korean and Japanese pre-service teachers "Make a Better Hiroshima Textbook"

Jongsung Kim, Kazuhiro Kusahara & Hoyeup Nam

One amongst six million: An exploration of young people’s identity formation within the contested space of the Auschwitz Birkenau State Museum.

Alasdair Richardson 

Education in the German Refugee Camps in Denmark 1945-49

John Jensen

Being Me, Knowing You: Designing an Integrated Strategic Pedagogy Framework for the conflict resolution in North East India

Syed Zulfi, Prof Sushil & M.Sajjad Hassan

Teachers' Understanding of Empathy in History Teaching: The emotional risks of identification and the disruptive potential of 'Empathetic Unsettlement' in Comparative Victimhood

Michalinos Zembylas, Loizos Loukaidis & Petroula Antoniou

“Apartheid is Boring”: The Politics of Disinterest in South African History Classrooms

Chana Teeger

A comparative view on educational interventions in the Western Balkans

Sara Clarke-Habibi

Glasnevin Cemetery: A case study of the use of cemeteries in the teaching and discussion of conflict history

Conor Dodd

Encountering the contentious past through community based museums

Allan McCully, Magdalena Weiglhofer & Jessica Bates

Critical Ambivalence in Peace Education Teacher Workshops: An ethnographic Study

Constadina Charalambous, Michalinos Zembylas, & Panayiota Charalambous